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Emerson Oil Exploration Device Project


Orienson already is a qualified supplier of Emerson when Orienson established its factory in 2001.

In 2010, a component of Emerson oil exploration device has a high requirement against gold plating. The price of gold kept rising in that year so its cost became many times of usual. 

The price of gold kept rising in that year so its cost became many times of usual. The high cost pressure made both Emerson and Orienson nervous. But “Ensure customers' needs, meet customers' expectations” is our mission. In order to solve this problem, Orienson kept in touch with Emerson and finally figured out its features and functions. Our engineer team proposed suggestions and solutions after some technical analysis. After many  discussions and testings, Emerson finally accept our proposal to plate part of it with gold.

In the same year, another part of Emerson was not satisfactory in torsion test. Every product needs to be tested 50 times and the same clip should be used with three different specification wire.But it was hard to match with the biggest and smallest size wire. After many technical analysis and tests, Orienson used other material, heat treatment and changed the screw manufacturing process and finally achieved the goal.

With many successful cases including the above, Orienson provides customers with high quality products and helps to reduce cost as always. And that's the reason why Orienson is always a main supplier of Emerson in metal stamping parts.

Emerson awarded us as a qualified supplier in 2009.


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